Montessori On The Park

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Montessori on the Park nursery

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Educational Goals

The Montessori Classroom


If you walk into our Montessori classroom you will invariably see happy and busy children working purposefully and independently on a variety of different materials.  The classroom is beautiful and enticing and created to reinforce the child’s independence and urge towards self-development.  


This is achieved through beauty, accessibility and order.  The Montessori materials are beautifully handcrafted, displayed on low open shelves, each material has a specific place and each is arranged in sequence from simple to more complex.


Our objective is to allow each child to experience the excitement of learning by his/her own choice rather than being forced. The prepared environment allows this by providing the child with the materials with which he/she can work independently after being introduced to it by the directress.  The directress knows which materials to present, as s/he knows the level of achievement and interest of the child.  After a presentation a child is free to take the material and work with it independently.  

The results of these freedoms are that they provide the opportunities to develop concentration – not modified by a time schedule.  As children can choose their own work they will choose work that interests them.  If they are interested they will repeat which in turn brings concentration.  Please note that we set the limits, freedom is earned, approaches may vary from child to child, we show logical consequences, the correct way, and always as teachers try to stand back, observe and decide on the correct approach. Ultimately, our goals are to support and guide children in a prepared environment that will enable every child to feel empowered and meet their full potential.

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