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Montessori on the Park nursery

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About Us

Learning is fun!


In following the philosophy of Maria Montessori we concentrate in developing in our children a true love of learning. Dr Montessori saw that children did not in fact need to be 'taught', but that learning was a natural process - something we are born with that helps us to find a sense of excitement, meaning and purpose in our lives. Children have an innate sensitivity towards their own development. What we so often call play is a young child's work, and it is by giving children increasing independence to work within their environments that we allow them to maximise their developmental abilities.


At Montessori on The Park we offer children this opportunity for 'self-development' by providing an environment rich in opportunities for exploration and discovery. In this they are helped by the sensitivity of our staff, whose expertise lies in knowing the interests and abilities of every child and in ensuring that each child's challenged and nurtured as an individual.


In the early years children literally soak up information through what Montessori called the 'Absorbent Mind'. They do so most effectively if they are given the freedom to follow their own desires to explore the environment. A Montessori classroom is full of fascinating materials and activities for children to be drawn. Each child is encouraged to become a confident, active learner and to be challenged. Montessori-educated children therefore form very positive images of themselves as successful people and enjoy problem solving as a fun process in itself.

The Montessori philosophy is unique in that it recognises the vital importance of individual freedom, but that freedom itself needs structure. Children need order in their world to feel secure. We give our children enormous freedom in the activities that they can choose to do during the day, but the classrooms are very carefully laid out to provide secure, exciting, welcoming spaces within which they can rapidly feel at home.

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Learning needs structure

Montessori recognised that children were naturally social and that, if they were allowed to develop according to their own individual needs, they would also exhibit great love and care for each other.


At Montessori on The Park we encourage every child to see himself/herself as an individual and we allow a natural harmony to develop amongst the children in the school as a whole. We enjoy each other's cultural differences and learn that the world is a rich and varied place full of different ways of looking, dressing and thinking.

Learning is about people