Montessori On The Park

St Marks Gate

Cadogan Terrace


E9 5HT


Tel: 02089863344


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My name is Jacqueline Rowledge and I am the founder and Director of Montessori on the Park, which opened on 2nd September 2003. We stand on the St. Marks Gate of Victoria Park at the end of Cadogan Terrace and occupy the whole of this wonderful modern building.


We provide a high quality Montessori education, with extended day care for children aged 0–5 years. We have a baby class, two toddler classes and a pre-school class.


The age of the pre school class can vary and is usually 3-5years but can be 2-4 years depending on the local need. We open 8am-6pm, with a variety of options including full weeks, half weeks and academic term time only options.


Our nursery is closed for four weeks a year, usually last week of July and first week of August and two weeks over Christmas and New Year. All fees are calculated on 48 weeks a year, however, they are divided into 12 equal monthly payments for simplicity. We are also closed for two staff training days every year.


I do hope you will visit our school. We are in a great position on the Park, which we use often. More importantly there are no roads to cross! Our younger classes also have their own outdoor and enclosed play space for your peace of mind.

Welcome to Montessori on the Park!